About Base Miles

Base Mileage actually started in 2014. I never liked the tone of my early posts, because they seemed to be begging for a certain audience more than they reflected my natural writing style. My old posts are in a private archive, and maybe one day they will reappear, somewhere.

All these years later I am still a runner. I always was; I always will be. But I am also more than that. I’m an aimless student. A first-time homeowner. A cat mom. An unlikely resident of the state of Wyoming. A vegetable gardener. A kombucha homebrewer. A bad artist. A shit-talking potty mouth. A curator of women’s literature. A person who sometimes does yoga. An insomniac. An anxious driver. A not-so-snobby beer snob. A vegetarian who doesn’t want to convert you. A fair-weather bike commuter. And I’m very good at napping.

But running. Running is how I define myself first and foremost. It’s taken me out of my native Ohio to California, to Colorado, and finally to Wyoming. It got me my first jobs out of college. It has helped me make friends. It’s my therapist. It gets me outside almost every day. It has made me a cult fan of a sport that almost no one follows. It has broken my heart in ways that no relationship ever has, and it has left me with some of my favorite memories.

I have coached for a high school team and with a youth afterschool program. I have extensive background in exercise science and nutrition, including a minor in Kinesiology. As I continue to navigate my ever-changing, varied interests until I find the one that sticks around for life, I keep coming back to running. I don’t really believe in soul mates, and I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. But I know there will always be running. It’s my square one, my bae, my back-to-basics, my base miles.


Drop me a note if you share my inability to commit to anything besides running, also have an interest in kittens and donuts, or just wanna talk shit.